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If you want to enjoy an exclusive flair, cultural highlights and first class shopping apart from all of your sportive activities, you have found the perfect place: St. Moritz!


Culture with class

It is for a good reason that the history-charged holiday resort St. Moritz is protected with a quality trademark - on an international level it is associated with glamour and elegance by cosmopolitans.

St. Moritz is the place where alpine winter holidays "were invented" and  has been the host city for two Winter Olympic games.

At the same time, it is famous for its more than three thousand years old mineral springs, one of the reasons why it is also well loved as a summer spa resort.

The possibly best known address for mountain holidays worldwide guarantees also in the summer a wide range of sportive activities, great cultural events, elegant strolling around and renowned top gastronomy.


Small place with big names

Fashionistas even outside of Europe know of St. Moritz. The place is both down to earth and elegant and offers not only breathtaking alpine landscapes but also an elegant city center where fashion boutiques, jewellers, design furniture shops, wine stores and high-end gastronomies are lined up next to each other. 

Vienna has the Kärtnerstrasse, in Rome it is the Via Condotti and in St. Moritz the Via Serlas – THE ultimate high-end fashion street. The highest situated outdoor shopping street in Europe assembles the elite of fashion design in a very small, most exclusive area: You will find the highest density of top labels. From Armani to Jimmy Choo to Louis Vuitton - everything that makes the Haute-Couture heart beat faster.

These fashion stores blend harmonically with very down to earth shops offering gourmet food and local specialities, sports equipment and beautiful souvenirs to bring home to loved-ones. 

Events & Highlights

Cricket, Snowpolo, Bob & Co

St. Moritz offers plenty of opportunities to organise your "private event" such as a horse-drawn sledge ride. While going around the lake, through the forest or trot through the magnificent village center, taking in the impressive surroundings, always to the sound of the horses' hooves, a heavenly peace will come over you and relaxation starts.

But of course St. Moritz also has plenty of high class events up its sleeves. It is one of the venues for the Alpine ski worldcup races on the famous world cup slope "Engiadina" and host city for the Swiss bob championship.

St. Moritz is famous for its Snow Polo tradition. The world's first ever tournament on ice took place here in 1985.

But you will be spoilt also on a cultural level: Exhibitions, Advent concerts, readings and a very pretty Christmas market.

Whether the Engadine Ski Marathon, Snow Polo World Cup, White Turf, St. Moritz Gourmet Festival or Festival da Jazz: St. Moritz offers a top-class and varied range of events.

Lifestyle à la St. Moritz

Feel like treating yourself to a sporty, lavish holiday destination?

We are ready to offer you tipps and recommendations to all the must-dos in St. Moritz!