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Cross-country skiing in the Engadine

Cross-country skiing special: on lakes & Marathon tracks

The region Engadine St. Moritz offers especially magnificent countrysides in the sun-kissed high valley, on which you can do your rounds.

A total of 230 km of diverse cross-country ski tracks  await the enthusiasts. All runners, whether they prefer the classic style or the dynamic skating style get their money's worth on the top-built and diligently prepared runs.

The nordic cross-country skiing counts as one of the healthiest outdoor cardiovascular sport training and as an added bonus burns a lot of calories. In addition, you get into a real flow when you glide across the brillantly white tracks.

You get all relevant information at the Hotel Cervus regarding tracks suitable for you!

cross-country tracks


The three-corner-villages Samedan, Celerina and Pontresina offer a varied and very closely knotted net of tracks.  Such as the rounds around the golf course and the church San Gian. Whereas In Pontresina the valleys of  Roseg and Morteratsch are hot spot areas. And those who are looking for ambitious training  use the racing- and night tracks. Let us not forget the  Stazerwald with it's infamous ascents and decents through the forest. You may even cause a stir and admiration by those who walk along when you are fighting your way across the Marathon tracks.

  • Phenomenal quality of tracks
  • High certainty of snow
  • Excellent network of tracks that covers more than 230 km
  • Including the 42 most famous tracks of Switzerland: the Marathon tracks between Maloja and S-chanf.

The "Engadiner"

Cruising on the Marathon tracks

The Engadine Skimarathon along the 42 most famous cross-country track kilometers of the whole of Switzerland between Maloja and S-chanf attracks about 12.000 runners every year. The "Engadiner" can be used by anybody throughout the whole of the winter season since it is being prepared daily if the weather conditions are not totally adverse.

3 Cross Country Tips

For your cross-country holiday in the Engadine St. Moritz

Tip 1: Breath the special events' air on classic tracks

Two attractive Options apart from the  Marathon track, to make your leg muscles burn, are the tracks of La Diagonela Loipe (65 km) equipped with ruts as well as their  "small sister", the also prepared La Pachifica track (35 km).

Tip 2: Learn cross-country skiing

Those that have never used the slim skis or those who have some experience but would like to progress further, the best approach is to book one of the many cross-country ski school available in the Engadine. When, if not now  & where, if not here?

Tip 3: Pleasure on the frozen lakes

The Engadine High Valley unfurls its spacious splendor in a very special way when you glide across or along the frozen lakes, such as Aloja, Sils, Silvaplana and St. Moritz. Nordish fans get to experience this exclusive delight. The passage across the lakes of Sils, Silvaplana- and Champfer (12 km) is part of the marathon track.

La Diagonela

The Challenge

The 65 km long track represents the long distance race and a highlight for all classic fans! They are part of the finest segments of the Engadine cross-country track network, the marathon track and enriches these with trails that have been especially built for the La Diagonela. The start is within the golf course of Zuoz and leads along the Inn, across the Stazerwald und the Lake of St. Moritz, further on via Val Roseg and Pontresina back to S-chanf.

La Pachifica

The Comfortable one

The 35 km long La Pachifica, which means "comfortable in the local language of Rätoromanisch,  starts in Pontresina and leads into the tranquil Val Roseg. The finish line is in the historical center of Zuoz. La Pachifica is the optimal "preparation tour" for La Diagonela. The tracks are prepared expressly for this event. But it can be used in parts throughout the whole season.

conditioning sport in a dreamlike scenery


You are interested in taking a cross-country ski holiday in St. Moritz and have some questions? The Hotel Cervus Team is happy to advise.